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A YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the craft of comics. 

In April 2021, Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet  launched a YouTube channel about comic book storytelling. Their ambitious goal was to offer the comic book community a place to understand comics better, in video form; their expertise as working professionals helping fans and aspiring creators to better appreciate some of their favorite comics (Batman: Year One! Hawkeye!)

Below is a breakdown of their different video series.

Case Studies

The idea is to take a comic book page from one of our medium’s masters and figure out what makes it work so perfectly, with the help of a notepad as big as Elsa and an array of very colorful Sharpies. She sketches, uses arrows, follows eye flows, deconstructs and rebuilds panels in clear but deep analyses. 

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In which you can enjoy Pierrick’s gorgeous, incredibly crisp and detailed videos of Elsa's inking. In voice-over she delves into more practical aspects of our industry and her personal experience coming up. 

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10-Minute Layouts

Elsa and Pierrick watch a lot of movies and read a lot of novels. Parts of which they can’t help but to adapt into sequential art in their heads. Rather than letting that thinking go to waste, they created a series where they do just that: adapt a scene from a piece of fiction into a comic page. 

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And lastly,

Bookclubs and Creator Interviews (Ed Brubaker, Amanda Conner...)