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Our full backstory can be found here, but here are the essentials:

1- It’s okay if it takes a while to find your calling.

2- A dare is a valuable reason to get into professional comics

3- Charlie Adlard is the awesomest man

4- Writing and drawing are hard

5- Comics are the best and that's that.


Elsa Charretier is a comic book artist and writer.


Selft taught, and after debuting on Cowl (Image Comics) in 2014, she co-created the award winning The Infinite Loop  comicbook series with writer Pierrick Colinet. Since then, she has been dividing her time between creating new creator-owned books (Superfreaks) and drawing established characters.


Clients include Random House (GGRM's Windhaven graphic novel), DC Comics (Harley Quinn, Starfire...), Marvel Comics (The Unstoppable Wasp), Lucasfilm, IDW Publishing, Disney, and the New York Magazine.


She is currently working on November with Matt Fraction. Elsa lives in the South of France.


November Vol. 2 (Image Comics, June 2020)

November Vol. 1 (Image Comics, 2019)

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual (Marvel Comics, 2019)  

Star Wars: Age of Resistance Special (Marvel Comics, 2019)   

Superfreaks #1-5 (ComiXology, 2018)  

Star Wars Adventures # 1-2-10-11-12-13-22 (IDW Publishing, 2018-2019)  

Windhaven (Random House, 2018)  

Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Leia (IDW Publishing, 2018)  

Star Wars: Choose Your Destiny (Books 1-4, Lucasfilm Publishing, 2018)

The Infinite Loop vol 2 #1-4 (IDW Publishing, 2017)    

Bitch Planet: Triple feature (Image Comics, 2017)  

Unstoppable Wasp #1-6 (Marvel Comics, 2017)    

DC Comics Rebirth Holiday Special (DC Comics, 2017)    

Starfire #9-12 (DC Comics, 2016)    

DC Comics: Bombshells Annual (DC Comics, 2016)    

Harley Quinn #26 (DC Comics, 2016)    

The Infinite Loop #1-6 (IDW Publishing, 2015)   

Pierrick Colinet is an award-winning comic book writer best known for his work on Star Wars comics, including the popular Star Wars Adventures  all-ages series.


Colinet is also the co-creator of various creator-owned comic book series including IDW Publishing's highly praised The Infinite Loop, and the candy-colored Superfreaks  for ComiXology Originals.


In 2014, he co-created Big Head Little Arms, an art studio with long-time partner Elsa Charretier, dedicated to developing their independent work.


Star Wars Adventures # 1-2-10-11-12-13-22 (IDW Publishing, 2018-2019)

Superfreaks #1-5 (ComiXology, 2018)

The Infinite Loop vol 2 #1-4 (IDW Publishing, 2017)   

Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Leia (IDW Publishing, 2017)

The Infinite Loop #1-6 (IDW Publishing, 2015)