After a $65,000 Kickstarter campaign, Elsa Charretier's artbook is available on our store !

"This artbook is a collection of some of my best pieces commissioned by collectors, comic book covers, and detailed process of my storytelling work from NOVEMBER and STAR WARS: DR. APHRA. I’m hoping this will be an opportunity to understand how I think a page and work as an artist."

The book is a beautiful 8.27-in x 11.7-in hardcover edition, printed in Italy on high-quality 170gsm heavyweight paper.

"Subjects range from "Shadow placement", to the "Principles of animation." From "Choosing tools" to "Cover thumbnails." It’s not a set of rules by any means, but a closer look into what has been my experience so far."

Elsa's new artbook raised over $150.000, and non-backer pre-orders will open in March 2021! 

“A wonderful book that gives a real insight into Elsa's artistic process and is packed with beautiful images." DJ, April 13, 2020   ★★★★★


If you are a fan of artists like the late, great Darwin Cooke and JBone, you will thoroughly enjoy this book featuring the art, commissions, and process work of Elsa Charretier. This piece is thoughtful, beautifully designed, and inspiring for any aspiring creators. Each addition is also signed by the artist adding a great personal touch. Highly recommended!” — Jeff, March 17, 2020   ★

"Fantastic art book! So pleased! " — Viki, May 13, 2020